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A new take on shopping centres. An approach that sets out to be part and parcel of the community in contrast to the all current and future shopping centre developments in Brussels.

Global architectural mission/signage
Dame Nature
A repositioning was on the cards for this chain, on a quest for new customers and a look and feel that would work in a shopping centre and on a local high street.
The brief was also to highlight its novel approach in Belgium, its food offering, its dietary supplement, its cosmetics. All sourced from Mother Earth.

Global mission, brand, corporate identity, interior graphics, design, coordination of work
Securing the continuity of the brand’s evolution in order to confirm its leadership in Belgium at the Batibouw fair, its specific approach to customer projects, its know-how

Mission: creation, specification plans, roll-out support
Louis Delhaize
The development was triggered by the level of saturation reached by the different chains run by the group or independent operators.
The global repositioning of the entire machine, asserting its traditional business as local grocer.

Mission: positioning, base line, signage, design, in store communication, specifications, roll-out support
The Agency was commissioned to give a new look to the box at the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht. It was to be redesigned using and applying products derived from industrial know-how.
A move away from traditional codes to make the spectators and diners the focus of the experience in their own right.

Creation mission, specification plans, roll-out support
Hertog’s Patio
A collective housing project created around a wide plant-filled patio with a double connection: towards the street but also towards the “allée verte”.

Preliminary project
A major development by the Equilis group in one of their historical districts in Couillet. A retail park where the identity and signage embellish and complement the architecture.

Creation of the brand, of the entire signage system and supports,
Drawing up of the rulebook to be respected by the chains hiring the retail spaces
Tender to companies
Installation support
A competition held by a retail group in Belgium
The project focused on the overall creation of the name, retail style, indoor and outdoor signage.

Bank Delen is taking over Capfi bank. The Brussels teams are coming together in a historic building with a rich heritage. An annex is being transformed and adopting a strong contemporary identity. Two architectural entities are also being merged.

Global architectural mission
Town Hall of Woluwe Saint Pierre
How to change the identity of the place, structure the space and guide the various streams of visitors?
While at the same time taking into account the flexibility and durability of the signage.
The project created by Martin and Prisca is under development.

Brand / signage
The brand is launching its new mobile business. Its offer is becoming more comprehensive. The new stores are at the service of this global message, while highlighting the brand values.

Design of the store, signage, study and coordination of the stores in Châtelineau, Messancy, Uccle and Waterloo
The Bostoen group, the leader in Flanders in the field of construction of passive houses, is creating a 350 m2 showroom concept to allow existing homeowners to introduce energy efficiency to their homes.

Identity, signage, design of the store, edition, graphic chart, coordination of the test store
The approach of the service industries is constantly evolving.
The Mutualité neutre is signing up to the change.
From the creation of the new identity to all the reception and layout codes.
The agency created the concept and performed the studies and coordination of the work of the Koekelberg, Anderlecht, Ixelles and Etterbeek branches.

Design/coordination of work
Pierre Marcolini
Within the framework of the support offered to the designer with his development and the creation of a store in Antwerp (le burla), the agency pitched to the owner, Mr Jules Hayen, the idea of creating a new building to accommodate luxury brands

Design architecture, façade finishings
The facades of the stores in Brussels’ Palais du Midi are being given a facelift, giving a visually attractive harmony to the individual retailers, while respecting the architecture of the main Building.

Analysis of the values of the main building
Creation of the signage system
Sales leaflet
Support & consulting for the retailers
The overall approach aimed to highlight the many services that are unknown to customers, to help customers easily find their way around the store and find their products without assistance, to create a new customer experience highlighting the decorative or technical product families.

Global design, layout and signage
All of the plans for the pilot store in Kraainem
Debriefing and application to the following 3 stores
Standards handbook
Villa Dei
A real estate development that carries the stamp of French designers WEDOERS.
The development strategy focuses on cross-generational housing.
The first phase of development involves implementing the concept in terms of identity, motivational pamphlets for the different authorities, and application on the website of the town of SCEAUX (Paris region).

Brand, publishing, architecture
The launch of the new concept in the historic stores in Brussels, Grand Place, the Sablon and place Stephanie.

Design & standards handbook. Support with the rollout of thirty or so stores for the development of the chain in Belgium and Europe (France, Germany, Spain and UK) covering creations, adjustments and support to local teams with the execution of the projects.
The leading chain in Belgium that is making inroads in France has to contend with strong competition.
The aim is to create a new environment to showcase the products and build on the relationship of «professional advice», applicable to both markets.

Pilot stores in Berchem Sainte Agathe in Brussels and in Drogenbos
Belgica building
Upgrading of a property in Brussels for one of our retail customers
The programme was to allow a mix of housing, a mutual agency and a sports centre.

Project under development
Global architectural mission
Braffort building
Upgrading of a property belonging to a retail customer. Design of an apartment building in Etterbeek.

Project under development, planning permission obtained
Global architectural mission
Pierre Marcolini, la Manufacture
Creation of the store «La Manufacture» in the Sablon district as part of the designer’s development and the promotion of his expertise as a “pâtissier”.

Design/execution architecture
A new law firm specialised in real estate cases, wishing to bring onto the market a new approach to the profession.

Brand and publishing
Les Arbres Rouges
A development by AXA Belgium.
The goal was to create a new way of "pooling" shops to move beyond the retail park system and to reason more in terms of an open-air shopping experience.
The project also included a handbook to identify the new chains that could be interested in the idea of a themed space.

Architectural competition winner in association with Archi Wind
De Lijn / Slimweg
De Lijn wanted to create a place, a brand completely dedicated to mobility in all its applications, also highlighting the partners.
The pilot area was created in Antwerp, in a townhouse on Rooseveld plein.
The agency was entrusted with all of the interior layout and signage. The coordination of the architectural work was entrusted to a local architect.

Design, signage, furniture
Grand Bazar D’Anvers
Axa, the owner, wanted to overhaul the entire layout of the building which, over the years, had become a commercial hub of the city.
The agency won the 2nd prize thanks to a comprehensive repositioning approach.

Competition brief
Audio Nova
Creation of the concept to allow the international company (1,000 stores in Europe) to make a success of its launch on the Belgian market

Standards book
Global design & Signage
Studies and coordination of the development of the pilot stores in Sint Niklaas, Gent and Antwerp
Standards handbook
The industrial brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
This period coincides with the strategic shift of its traditional slaughtering business towards a processing business.
The evolution of identity is part of this strategy.

Brand/creation of film supports of the event on place Flagey.
The group was looking for new layout atmospheres, but also had specific objectives as it was looking for a new flow management to reduce personnel costs in the afternoon, the development of the food turnover, etc.

The refurbishments were first applied by the agency on the sites of the new cinemas in Nancy, Brugge, Ostend, then as a remodelling in Courtrai.
The standardised solutions were subsequently applied to the 22 cinemas operated by the group Standards handbook.
An international initiative designed to help guide more than 1,000 points of sale in Europe.
A concept tackling all welcome and service signs.

Creation and comprehensive study of the flagship store on chaussée de Louvain in ... Support to the local architect with the project execution
Standards handbook
Training of the international sales teams
Support with the rollout of around thirty stores
The market leader asked us to create all the signs for the layout of their premises, not only for the various buildings housing the offices required for their development, but also for the interiors of customer-access areas and the repair workshop.

Design & signage
Study of the pilot store in Verviers
Support to the local architect with the project execution
Application of the system to the Vilvoorde, Chaussée de Louvain and Gent sites
Brussels airport
Overall layout of Pier B covering not only the waiting areas and passenger flows but also the creation of the new retail, bar, and services space

Design and signage
Validation transfers between Brussels Airport and SKYSHOP
All of the plans required to allow the Brussels Airport teams to perform the work
The Kinepolis group is upgrading one of its major sites in France, in Metz Saint Julian.
The aim is to adopt a harmonised approach to the various chains, such as the cinema, theatre, bowling alley, etc.

Development and finishing brief
Creation of a bar & sandwich shop concept to be located within the new overall layout of Pier B at Brussels Airport

Design & signage
Construction studies and plans for the Autogrill team
STIB is creating its Bootik and Kiosk chains.
The project involves the creation of different spaces to allow the reception of customers, quick sales or advice.
The final expression will also feature a fast terminal.
The project is being conducted in parallel with the Minale agency for the communication aspects.

The pilot BOOTIK will be set up in the gare du Midi.
After the switch from BBL to ING, the bank is left with the need to create a signage system that can be applied to the 800 branches of its network made up of completely heterogeneous buildings.

Monitoring of the pilot branch in Ixelles
Standards handbook
Les Mutualités Neutres
The project focused on the redevelopment of the ground floor of the building on the chaussée de Charleroi in Brussels.
The spatial organisation made it possible to house a Symbio agency and merge the style of the entities.

Design and implementation support
Center Parcs
An approach linking the expression of the brand, the high level of quality of the housing, and the architecture of the recreational and retail areas

Architectural style handbook
10-year collaboration with Belgacom group during which we accompanied their strategic development of the brand through the Surf, Discovery and Black&White projects.

Design, development and implementation of test stores, standards handbook, roll out management of more than 10 stores.
Proximus Discovery Store
The mobile brand is creating its own retail network, separate from the Belgacom brand.

The creation relates to all the signs and the development of the pilot store on Rue Neuve in Brussels.
Les AP assurances
Creation of the new logo, of the corporate identity and style guide, the communication pitch of the chains, and the entire signage system both for the agencies and independent brokers.

Brand & signage
Standards handbook
Contrary to its big brother Center Parc, this holiday village invites its guests to discover the cultural and festive activities around the village.
A specific space is created to give guests a greater insight into the region.
De Haan has been chosen as the pilot site.

Design and implementation support
Sport Leader
This chain of the Intersport group is creating a concept dedicated to sports fashion rather than athletic performance (Intersport chain).
This development also allows affiliates to develop their activity in cities via the two chains.

Design and comprehensive study of the pilot store in Brest.
Design/standards handbook
A chain that is very much part of people’s everyday life.
Strong desire to break away from the historic codes to reposition the chain in both its shopping centre and city centre locations.

Design & signage
Study and coordination of the pilot stores in Woluwé shopping centre and Boulevard Mettewie in Brussels
Marie Jo
The Van De Velde group is launching its own stores outside the Belgian borders.
The development of all the signage was piloted on the Strasbourg and Lille stores.

Design and coordination
An initiative by the Brantano group to create a new chain with the aim of providing customers with a clothing - and shoe – range for all target groups, women, men and children.

Design & signature of the building cf.
Study and coordination of the pilot store in Gentbrugge
  • Atrium
  • Audio Nova
  • Autogrill
  • BASF
  • Belgacom
  • Belgica building
  • Bellefleur
  • Braffort building
  • Brico
  • Brussels airport
  • Carglass
  • Center Parcs
  • Dame Nature
  • De Lijn / Slimweg
  • Di
  • Estilogie
  • FirstStop
  • Godiva
  • Grand Bazar D’Anvers
  • Hertog’s Patio
  • Illuminium
  • ING
  • Ixina
  • Batibouw
  • Kinepolis
  • Les AP assurances
  • Les Arbres Rouges
  • Les Mutualités Neutres
  • Louis Delhaize
  • Marie Jo
  • Now
  • Orys
  • +Home
  • Pierre Marcolini
  • Pierre Marcolini, la Manufacture
  • Proximus Discovery Store
  • Sport Leader
  • STIB
  • Sunparks
  • Symbio
  • Town Hall of Woluwe Saint Pierre
  • Viangro
  • Villa Dei
  • VOO