A development with two buildings and an inner courtyard.

A building facing the street (at the front of the parcel); another building facing the park (at the rear of the parcel); an inner courtyard organizing the connection between the street & the park.

The project has a total of 48 apartments with a surface ranging between 100 and 200 sqm.

Brick and concrete are used for the walls throughout the complex.

A double skin defines the courtyard elevations as well as the top floors.

Black aluminium is used for the window frames. Balconies are lined with black metal railings.

The building features a variety of light wells, terraces and balconies, along with open-air corridors and staircases.The form is free and ductile, as if an interior force was pushing the walls outwards.

Fictional project.

owner: ASBL solidarité
location: Brussels
surface: 6250sqm

architects: Xenia Ogea, Veerle Delaunay