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Griik Médiacité

LocationMédiacité Liège
MissionBranding, Spatial Design

Project details
Following the launch of their first restaurant, Griik decides to open a second location in the same city’s shopping mall; Médiacité.

Our mission was to evolve the concept and learn from the previous location we created for them, bringing Griik to a new standard and making them a true destination.

With a new customer flow, integrating self-service kiosks and counter service, we developed a custom central seating island and booths on the side to host the wide variety of client types passing through the shopping mall.

We also extended the brands visuals with a new expression on the walls and using neons and transparent blue dividers.

The mission also included the development of Griik’s new menu-board, with custom animations and motion design, somewhere between a traditional menu board and a visual theater.