The Point City Plaza

How to develop a multi-use service area in shopping centers, becoming more efficient and time saving.

The Point is a concept of “services shop” in the shopping malls of Wereldhave.

These spaces are created to share as many services as possible to help and care for all the visitors.

They can find a post office point, a parcel point, a telephone charging area, a gift wrapping area, a photo booth, complete with a fitting room and a sewing workshop so that the clothes ordered online can be tested and changed immediately.

client: Wereldhave
sector: shopping center / services
location: Nivelles Shopping Center, Les Bastions Shopping Center in Tournai, Ring Shopping Center in Kortrijk, Belle-Ile Shopping Center in Liège (Belgium), Shopping 1 (Genk), Cityplaza Shopping Center in Nieuwegein (Holland) and Shopping Center De Koperwiek (Capelle aan den Ijssel)
surfaces: from 24 to 141 sqm