Rive Gauche - Verviers

City Mall puts on the table their vision of development to contribute to the renewal of Verviers’ center.

Our approach is to create a mixed neighbourhood allowing it to be integrated to the existing city and understand the positive relationship with the Vesdre and creating an interface bewtween the two banks.

“An innovator project, lightened in regards to the volumes thanks to balconnies, transparent structures, catwalks, etc... To the 400 accomodations and about 15000sqm of retail and restaurants, will enventually be added functions such as offices, a service residence, etc...

Everything will be designed in spaces that will give pride of place to pedestrians and nature with, for example, "green roofs to live" and gardens adorning the building entrances. The general spirit of the project is that of an outdoor promenade winding its way through shops, cafés, restaurants and convivial public spaces, including a Grand Place amphitheater.

With this new approach, which will reinforce the attractiveness of Verviers, City Mall intends to be fully in line with the philosophy of the urban renewal projects led by the city.”
- City Mall press release

client: City Mall
sector: real estate development