Waterloo Quartier Mixte

Create a new mixed-use development at the entrance of Waterloo.

The entrance building is composed of an underground parking lot; commercial units on the ground floor; a restaurant; a co-working; a flexible upper floor lay-out including offices & apartments .

The wings of the building are arranged around a large central courtyard, which is designed to be a terrace for consumers on the ground floor and a communal space for the occupants & residents on the first floor.

For the housing development, a more quiet environment is created, providing several housing types, arranged in 2 buildings: apartments with garden; apartments with terrace; houses; duplex apartments with terrace.

Throughout the entire project, there is an extensive use of concrete, inside and out, likening its appearance to “a solid rock sitting firmly in the shifting environment”.

Fictional project.

owner: Axa Reim - D’Ieteren
sector: mixed use development
location: Waterloo
surface: 12.500sqm

architects: Xenia Ogea, Veerle Delaunay, Steven Van Hoorde