For us, architecture was not about repeating the same old formula of usual construction and promotion projects.

For You Studio, it has always been about creating meaningful spaces, integrating design, and supporting people.

The past years have allowed new perspectives in the world of architecture.

Offices are now integrating notions of comfort and well-being that impact directly on productivity. They are becoming a real branding representation for their owners. Office construction should therefore take these considerations and all these new norms into account while installing the foundations of a new building. It’s about building new business playgrounds.

In housing, we are moving from construction to rehabilitation. We work on ways to live together, integrating environmental key prerequisites and co-generational development, and re-considering shared living spaces. We have been monitoring these trends over the past years and we know that the situation will accelerate quickly. The tools we have been working on in recent years will help you adapt in this new era.

People are changing and urban spaces are also being transformed. Sustainability, diversity, and social integration are the new expectations. Housing, work, shopping, partying, and neighborhoods become real signatures, real brands. And this is what we love to work on!