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louis delhaize

Affirming its positioning in local trade. What are the right codes?

louis delhaize is getting closer to its consumers. It positions itself in a grocery store, focusing on quality of reception, freshness of products and fast and easy meal solutions.

Present in the city but also in airports, stations, highways and hospitals, “louis” is authentic and speaks directly to consumers, thus confirming its brand “louis selection”.

The customer journey has been structured as a discovery walk, placing visitors in an authentic atmosphere.

This started with the opening of the test shop in Wilrijk/Antwerp. The concept was then adapted in the Zaventem airport, then in Eertvelde in a format of 450sqm.

client: Delfood
sector: retail / food
location: Wilrijk, Zaventem airport and Ertvelde (Belgium)
surface: from 300 to 450sqm