Waterloo Chaussée de Bruxelles

Create a new mixed-use development at the entrance of Waterloo.


YEAR  2019

LOCATION outskirts of Brussels (Waterloo) 

TYPE OF INTERVENTION new construction

SECTOR Mixed use development (retail, office, co-working, restauration, housing)

DISCIPLINES Architecture, landscaping

SURFACE 12.500 m2

BUDGET 25M - 30M €



How to create a new mixed-use development where the following functions co-exist: commercial spaces; offices & co-working; food; housing.


Our proposal consists of a development with a mixed-use building at the entrance of the site, a more quiet housing environment at the back of the site.


The building is composed of an underground parking lot; commercial units on the ground floor; a restaurant; a co-working; a flexible upper floor lay-out including offices & apartments .

The wings of the building are arranged around a large central courtyard, which is designed to be a terrace for consumers on the ground floor and a communal space for the occupants & residents on the first floor.

The entrance, café/restaurant and commercial units are on the ground floor.

The upper floors allow a flexible use for office space or apartments, profiting from the ample light provided by the courtyard.


A more quiet environment is created, providing several housing types, arranged in 2 buildings: apartments with garden; apartments with terrace; houses; duplex apartments with terrace.

Throughout the entire project, there is an extensive use of concrete, inside and out, likening its appearance to "a solid rock sitting firmly in the shifting environment".

The facades of the entrance building are made up of a series of faceted concrete blocks, punctuated freely with window openings, balconies and terraces.

Openings that allow an abundance of light to pass through. A double skin in wood defines the courtyard elevations. Balconies are lined with black metal railings.

The central courtyard is composed of a series of interlocking spaces that visitors, consumers, occupants and inhabitants can meander freely within, slowly ascending, enjoying a choreographed journey.

The more quiet housing environment at the back of the site is also shaped with concrete and wood. 

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