Brands & Spaces

Your activist partner to translate your brand identity into an outstanding spatial experience. And vice versa.

You Studio is a way of looking at the world with an offbeat perspective and a real ability to find solutions where you least expect them.

Project Highlight
The evidence of creating a place with the specific Brussels urban code, reflecting life and dynamism through graphics, colours & shapes.

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Our services


The strategic set-up of your mission is the foundation of your project. It includes market trends and consumer’s insights if needed.

Brand & Identity

Brand experience design enables us to translate your brand guidelines into activable assets for a spatial and experiential integration.

Spatial Design

Our pool of spatial architects and designers conceptualize the architecture of your project and its global design. The phygital experience (technology and digital tools) is part of our mission offer as well.


Flow management, visibility studies, design, signage permits… We manage all the components of your signage policy from A to Z.

Project Highlight
Maison Carette
How to preserve a quality and craft image for the brand that wants to expand its POS network?
The contribution of the word “Maison” in the brand name highlights the know-how and authenticity of Glacier Carette since 1920. 

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What will a supermarket look like in 2030? How do you turn a car park into a village square? What is the hidden mission of airport signage? We make you think further.

Project Highlight
The Mint
We were challenged to enhance de visibility of the shops and brands installed in The Mint Building while walking on the streets of the center of Brussels during day and night but also guiding from the exterior to the entrance of the Metro station.

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Our clients

They make us wake up in the morning
and nourish our permanent need to build meaningful solutions.

Food — Bon
Workspaces — Delen Private Bank
Temporary Spaces — COP27
Well-Being — Espace Santé
Industry — Amacro Showroom
Retail — City2


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Project Highlight
A global event with a theme guiding all the creation to ensure a production and a recovery of the elements developed for a local use.

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We do everything we can to stop you from going around in circles, even if we need to change your vision to meet both your economic interest and customer’s happiness.